Petrobras guarantees to ANP that it will have low sulfur bunker from 2020


Petrobras has assured the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), which is responsible for regulating the sector, it is capable of producing bunker fuel with low sulfur in sufficient volume to meet Brazil’s demand from January of 2020, when international law that limits the sulfur content of vessels by 0.5% enters into effect, ANP director Aurélio Amaral said during a meeting of the agency.

The agency published Resolution 789/2019 on Thursday, which reduces the maximum sulfur content of marine fuel oils to vessels that do not have an exhaust gas cleaning system.

The standard changes provisions of ANP Resolution No. 52/2010, which establishes the specifications of fuels intended for water use.

According to Amaral, “there was doubt that Petrobras could meet the demand,” but it was informed that Petrobras would make a mix in its oil refineries extracted from the pre-salt to get a less polluting product. “We do not supervise the vessel, but the producers,” Amaral recalled during the meeting.

According to Amaral, there is no forecast to increase the price of the product. “This is not on our radar,” he said, when asked about the financial impact the change will bring to the consumer.

The reduction of sulfur content in the bunker complies with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (Marpol), to which Brazil is a signatory.

The changes began to be debated after studies showed that shipping is the largest emitter of sulfur, with levels reaching 3.5%.

Source: Dinheiro

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