Siemens has turbines ready for the P-71 modules


There are small chances that the partial sinking of the two generation modules of the P-71 platform will impact the timing of the unit’s first oil. The start-up of FPSO’s operation is beyond the horizon of Petrobras’ current business plan (2019-23), which would allow for the construction of new equipment, but there are two identical turbines from the same manufacturer (Siemens) In Holland.

The generators, which are the critical part of the module’s construction, were manufactured by the German company for the P-72 and P-73 FPSOs, whose construction contracts were canceled by Petrobras. In view of this, Siemens, which had already delivered the equipment, decided to repurchase them, as determined by BE Petróleo.

The turbines of the P-71 modules have a generation capacity of 25 MW each. The manufacturing of such equipment requires, according to market information, from 12 months to 14 months. With them ready, the assembly of modules could be completed in less than a year.

The M-15 and M-16 modules were being transported to Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, in Espírito Santo, where integration work would be carried out on the FPSO hull under construction at Raffles Shipyard, China. Budgeted at US $ 150 million, the equipment was manufactured by the MGT consortium (DM Construtora and TKK Engenharia)

Amid the lack of official news, the number of mismatched information is large. There are even those who see the possibility that the modules have not been completely damaged.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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