Barge with Petrobras platform P-71 modules shipwrecked in Santa Catarina

May 19, 2019

Locar V, owned by Locar, was partially shipwrecked on Saturday night, 18, while being towed from Itajaí (SC), bound for Espírito Santo, carrying two power generation modules from Petrobras’ P-71 platform. The incident did not cause any casualties – the barge was being towed by TS Favorito, Tranship’s tugboat.

Petrobras confirms the information. “Petrobras reports the sinking of the Locar V ferry, which carried two modules of the P-71 platform, on the night of Saturday 18/5. More information will be disclosed in due course. ”

In a statement to the Port Authority of Itajaí, Proamar reports that “on 05/18/2019, around 19:30, in the vicinity of the Lagoa Canal do Linguado in Santa Catarina … the partial wreck of the Locar V Ferry with the M-15 and M-16 modules of the P-71, partially breaking down and submerged together with its load for reasons still undefined. ” Proamar is a shipping agency representing Tranship in this operation.

The M-15 and M-16 modules are FPSO P-71 topside power generation units that were built in Itajaí and were being transported to Aracruz (ES) to be installed on the platform. The integration of the P-71 is contracted with the Jurong shipyard and the hull was made in China.

The state of the modules is not yet known. According to Tranship’s notification, made shortly after the incident, the equipment had not completely submerged. Petrobras said it is still investigating the consequences of the wreck.

The modules that were being towed are sets of gas fueled turbines produced in the fields themselves, which feed the platforms. They are large units, and can reach 50 MW of installed power in a large platform such as P-71.

In early 2018, Petrobras closed with the Chinese shipyard CIMC Raffles a contract for the conversion of the FPSO P-71 hull, planned for the Sururu field in the Santos Basin – the project for the conversion of the hull was carried out at the end of 2017. The unit’s integration is contracted with Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, in Espírito Santo.

The P-71 is part of a package, initially, of eight FPSOs, to be built in Brazil by Ecovix, with 150,000 barrels per day of oil production capacity and 6 million cubic meters per day of natural gas compression. They were developed for the pre-salt fields and the initial goal was to build units with high percentage of local content in Brazilian shipyards.

After a series of problems, including the crisis triggered by Operation Lava Jato, part of the works went abroad and two units (P-72 and P-73) had their contracts canceled. With this, the P-71 is the last replicating FPSO of Petrobras.


  1. Can confirm this shipwreck incident will delay Sembawang Marine the P71 platform handover date to another two years ?

  2. Than what new development on this shipwreck ?….as materials all recovered or sink into the sea ?

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