Sale of Liquigás: start of non-binding phase



Petrobras, following the announcement dated 04/09/2019, announces the beginning of the non-binding phase related to the sale of the entire shares of Liquigás Distribuidora S.A.

At this stage of the project, stakeholders who have signed the Confidentiality Agreement will receive a detailed memorandum containing more detailed information about the assets in question, as well as instructions on the divestiture process, including guidelines for preparing and submitting non-binding proposals.

In addition, Petrobras informs that it has revised the compliance requirements for the admission of participants, and therefore potential investors that meet the eligibility criteria may express interest in the transaction until 05/17/2019. This revision is included in the item “Additional Information on the Process” of the new Teaser, available on the Petrobras website:

The present disclosure to the market is in line with Petrobras’ Disinvestment Program, which is in line with the special regime for the disinvestment of assets by federal joint-stock companies, provided for in Decree 9188/2000.

This operation is aligned with the optimization of the portfolio and the improvement of the capital allocation of the company, aiming at generating value for our shareholders.

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