Eneva to drill 11 exploratory wells in 2019

May 10, 2019

Activities will be conducted in blocks of the 9th and 13th rounds of the ANP, revealed CEO Pedro Zinner

Eneva plans to drill 11 exploration and 1 development wells this year, company president Pedro Zinner said this Thursday (9/5). Ten of them will be drilled in blocks auctioned in the 13th round of the ANP and another in a 9th round asset.

Eneva holds, in all, a 100% participation in 18 concessions in the country. Five of them are from the 9th round (BT-PN-1, BT-PN-4, BT-PN-5, BT-PN-7, BT- T-84), and seven on the 13th (PN-T-69, PN-T-84, PN-T-87, PN-101, PN-T-103, PN-T-146 e PN-T-163)

In the first quarter of this year, the company invested R $ 27.9 million in upstream activities, including the drilling of wells in the Gavião Preto and Gavião Tesoura fields, in addition to completing the OGX-112 well.

By 2019, the company aims to maintain a 100% reserve replacement rate and will seek opportunities to replicate the reservoir-to-wire model for new thermoelectric plants.

Smaller production

The lowest thermoelectric dispatch in the country impacted the production of natural gas in the Parnaíba Basin in the first quarter of this year. 50 million m³ was produced in the period compared to 200 million m³ in the first quarter of last year, a drop of 75%. This helped lift the remaining reserves of the basin from 18.8 billion m³ to 21.3 billion m³ this year.

In the first three months of the year, Eneva produced, in terms of electric energy, 611 TWh against 1,375 TWh in the same period of 2018, representing a reduction of 56%. The average dispatch of thermals was 18% against 35% last year.

Source: BE Petroleum


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