Petrobras conducts geological studies abroad

Petrobras has reported that it has acquired data and geological and geophysical information on sedimentary basins located abroad, in addition to those already routinely collected in Brazil. In this way, Petrobras has access to other geological models, which allows it to improve the processing of its data and to interpret its own geological models more consistently, generating technically and economically more robust exploration projects.

The search for such data and information often requires the inclusion in bidding processes of exploratory blocks in other countries, which does not necessarily mean the company’s participation in such processes.

Keeping its focus in deep water regions, Petrobras has been working to explore exploratory projects in areas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea sedimentary basins. The company recently acquired geological and geophysical data from the Mediterranean, through a public bidding process, made available by Israel. In the same way, a representation was sent to Guyana, with the objective of seeking technical information that would improve their geological knowledge of that region of the Atlantic, specifically in the so-called Equatorial Margin.

Source: Petro & Quimica

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