Transfer of Rights Surplus Vs. Pre-Salt Auctions

April 24, 2019

Total bonus of Búzios, Sepia, Atapu and Itapu exceeds in more than three times the amount collected in the sharing rounds

Last week, the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) approved the technical and economic parameters of the auction of surplus volumes of the Transfer of Rights contract, scheduled for October 28. The areas of Búzios, Sepia, Atapu will be offered, with a total bonus of R $ 106, 561 billion.

The value is more than three times higher than the one collected with all the bonuses paid by the blocks sold in the five rounds of production sharing carried out by the ANP of approximately R $ 30 billion.

The Búzios (R $ 68,194 bn) and Sepia (B $ 22.859 bn) bonuses are the highest already defined, surpassing that of Libra (R $ 15 billion) – auctioned area in the first round of sharing in 2013. The Atapu follows: R $ 13.742 billion.

The Itapu bonus (R $ 1,766 bn) is lower than the amounts paid by the Norte de Carcará areas, auctioned in the second round for R $ 3 bn; Peroba (3rd round / R $ 2 billion), Uirapuru (4th / R $ 2,650 billion), and Saturno and Tita (5th / R $ 3.125 billion).

On the other hand, the oil bonus of the areas – 23.25% in the case of Búzios; 27.65% Sepia; 25.11% for Atapu and 19.82% for Itapu – is lower than the average oil percentage of the blocks obtained in the five rounds of 37%. The largest of all was the Entorno de Sapinhoá: 80%.

Source: BE Petroleum


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