Pre-announcement of the pre-salt 6th round released by ANP

April 15, 2019

The ANP announces the pre-announcement and the draft contracts of the 6th Round of Bidding under the system of production sharing. The auction will offer the areas of Aram, Cruzeiro do Sul , Bumerangue. Sudoeste de Sagitario and Norte de Brava.

– In January, Petrobras communicated to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) the expression of interest that guarantees preemptive rights in the Aram, Norte de Brava and Sudoeste de Sagitario blocks. Under the rule of sharing, if competition is lost for the areas, the company can exercise the preference on the day of the auction and guarantee the operation and 30% of the contracts – the 6th round of pre-salt is scheduled for November.

– The 6th pre-salt auction, expected to happen in the second half of next year, will have a signing bonus of R $ 7.85 billion. The Aram block, which was auctioned by Eni in 2006 in the 8th round of ANP bids, which ended up not going forward due to an injunction in court, will be the area with the highest fixed bonus of the auction. Those who want to bid the contract will have disbourse R $ 5.05 billion for the signing bonus. The minimum percentage of Union oil in the Aram offer will be 24.53%.

– The Cruzeiro do Sul block, which is north of the Peroba block, will have a signing bonus of R $ 1.15 billion. The minimum percentage of Union oil in the area will be 22.87%.

– Sudoeste de Sagitario (R $ 500,000 bonus) and Bumerangue (R $ 550,000), which was defined as a strategic area, will have a minimum percentage of Brazilian Union oil of 26.09% and 26.68%, respectively.

– Norte de Brava, in the Campos Basin, has a bonus of R $ 600 million and a minimum percentage of Union oil of 36.98%.

Source: epbr

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