Engie maps areas for gas storage


Engie is mapping areas for natural gas storage in Brazil. Done in partnership with Petrobras and ANP, the study looks at depleted fields, already at the end of their useful life from the point of view of production.

Engie Brasil’s director of natural gas and infrastructure, Emmanuel Delfosse, explained to BE Petróleo that balancing supply through storage will give greater reliability to the supply of gas for thermoelectric plants. The idea is to stock the gas during the wet period and make it available when the reservoir levels are low.

Gas storage is widely used in Europe to balance supply in the winter when there is a high demand for heating supplies. In France, Engie has 20% of the annual gas consumption from reservoir stocks. The company also uses this strategy in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, by the subsidiary Storengy.

According to the Energy Research Company (EPE), there are three basic ways of storing gas: in depleted reservoirs, aquifers and saline mines. One of the advantages of the depleted fields is that these formations offer greater volume of geological information thanks to the seismic data collected. throughout its development.

Earlier this month, Petrobras announced that the French company and the Canadian fund Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ) presented the best offer for the state-owned subsidiary Gas Transporter (TAG). When completed, the operation will mark the entry of Engie into the Brazilian gas sector.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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