Petrobras monopoly in natural gas sector needs review, says minister


Bento Albuquerque, MME announced that the federal government will open the natural gas market to the competition. According to the minister, the fact that the state-owned company Petrobras exclusively operates in most of the activities related to the import and production of gas is contrary to the interests of consumers.

“We see that this monopoly is not a healthy thing. Particularly for the development of the sector and for consumers, “said the minister in presenting the achievements and projects that the portfolio sent in the first 100 days of government.

“Petrobras has to be part of a public policy, and this is what we are defining,” added Albuquerque, explaining that the opening of the natural gas market is part of the definition of new public policies for the energy sector.

“Now how it will be executed will still be defined. Because it is very easy to talk that we will open the gas market. The interesting thing is how to do it, “said the minister, noting that the issue is already under discussion in the group formed by representatives of the ministry, Petrobras, the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) and the Council Administrative Office of Economic Defense (Cade). “We are working to establish the policy, to define what the new gas market will be like.”

Source: Agência Brasil


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