Petrobras and service providers discuss new contracting strategies for offshore campaigns

April 12, 2019

The Petrobras contracting model for the acquisition of offshore seismic data should be changed. Instead of contracts per campaign, the oil company evaluates the possibility of using long-term umbrella contracts, with at least five years of validity, in conventional mapping and with nodes (bottom cables).

The new contracting system has been discussed by Petrobras Geophysical Data Acquisition Management with the seismic companies and the petroleum contracting team. The process started from an RFI (market consultation), and, more recently, the oil company held a face-to-face meeting with leading industry service companies to discuss the issue.

The change in analysis would allow Petrobras to reduce the time spent on each contract – today, the average term between launching a tender and the beginning of data acquisition varies from one year and a half to two years.

The strategy would also benefit seismic companies, which would have long-term contracts. In the case of campaigns with nodes, focused on production projects, there is the prospect of even longer contractual periods, lasting more than ten years.

If it is to be approved during the year, the new model of contracting seismic acquisition – also applied abroad – should begin to be used only in 2020. Petrobras has scheduled large node-mapping next year for Lula’s projects and Sepia, in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin.

Source: BE Petroleum

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