Ibama excludes blocks from the 16th round of the ANP

April 8, 2019

Ibama is indicating the exclusion of exploratory blocks JA-M-26, M-43, JA, JA-M-45, all in the Jacuípe basin, in 16th round of bidding, scheduled for 10 October. The indication counts for the areas offered in the 6th round of the pre-salt and the 16th round of concession areas.

The environmental agency argued that the Environmental Assessment of Sedimentary Area (AAAS) of the Sergipe-Alagoas and Jacuípe Basins underway does not justifying the supply of areas in the two basins. The ANP programmed the supply of blocks in the Jacuípe basin in the 16th round and exploratory areas in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin.

Ibama also warns in its report, although not indicate the exclusion areas, the CAL-M-126 blocks, CAL-M-252, CAL-M-316, CAL-M-376, in the Camamu Basin -Alamada, must be preceded by studies of a strategic nature, like AAAS. “They could assess the suitability of the area with greater environmental security, thereby providing greater legal certainty to entrepreneurs,” says the environmental agency.

All the blocks that will be offered by the ANP in the Campos, Santos and Permanbuco-Paraíba basins and the Santos Basin areas indicated for the 6th round of bids did not present any restriction by the environmental agency.

Source: epbr

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