ANP publishes new local content additives

April 4, 2019

The ANP published 12 extracts of additive terms of local content in the Official Journal of the Union (DOU) this Thursday (4/4).

The terms refer to requests made by Dommo Energia, in relation to block BM-C-39; Central Resources (BT-POT-54); Petrobras and Equinor (ES-M-468 and ES-M-527); Vipetro Petroleum (LD_R13AM); Cowan Oil and Gas (REC-T-209_R12, ES-T-516_R11, ES-T-496_R11 and ES-T-506_R11); Panergy Oil and Gas (Morro do Barro); Partex Brazil and Petrobras (BT-POT-34); and EPG Brasil (Carapitanga and City of Aracaju).

According to the ANP, requests were made to add local content to 448 exploration and production assets. Of this total, 256 have already been published, 158 are in process and 32 have been rejected.

In addition, a request made by Great Energy and another by Imetame Energia, for blocks REC-T-166 and IRA_AM4, respectively, could not be met by the ANP. In the first case, because the round is not achieved by resolution 726/2018 and in the second, because the original contract does not contemplate obligation of local content.

Resolution 726/2018 allows E & P companies to opt for the addition of the local content clause to all existing contracts with effect for the non-closed phases.

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