Petroserv negotiates contract with ENI


The semi-submersible Catarina, owned by Petroserv, will operate for ENI in Indonesia, carrying out the Merakes field development campaign. The Italian oil company and the Brazilian drilling company signed a letter of intent to charter the unit.

The rig will be chartered for two years. The companies do not reveal the value of the daily rate, but sources consulted by BE Petróleo indicate a price level close to US $ 220 thousand / day.

This week, executives from Petroserv and Eni will meet overseas to get the latest details of the operation. The contract is expected to be signed in a maximum of ten days.

The campaign at the Merakes gas field will begin in July. The semi-submersible Catarina has just completed an intervention campaign for Shell in Brazil, started in May 2018 in the Bijupira-Salema fields and in the Parque das Conchas, in the Campos Basin.

The transport of the equipment to Indonesia will be done by dry-tow. Before starting the trip, Petroserv will remove the propellers from the rig.

The business with Eni will mark the third campaign of the semi-submersible Catarina, qualified to operate in water depth of 3 thousand m. The rig was built at risk by Petroserv, with the original expectation of securing an operating contract in Brazil with Petrobras.

It was ready by the end of 2012 and had its first contract closed in 2013 with Cobalt to operate for three years abroad. After the end of the campaign, in 2016, Catherine was staked without a contract for about two years in Las Palmas, Spain, until being chartered by Shell in Brazil.

With Catarina going to Indonesia, Petroserv will have two drilling semi-submersibles operating abroad, with long-term contracts. Since 2018, Louisiana has been running a three-year East Coast India campaign for ONGC.

Petroserv holds three other drilling rigs in the pipeline: the semi-submersible Victoria, under contract with Petrobras until 2019; the drill ship Carolina, which had the contract rescinded by the Brazilian oil company; and the Atlantic Zephyr, an anchored unit that has been abandoning the wells from the field of Tubarão Azul to Dommo.

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