Petrobras contracts almost R $ 1 billion under the new State Companies Law



One year after the application of the new rules of the State Companies Law (13,303 / 16), Petrobras has already contracted almost R $ 1 billion  and accounts for more than 1,500 public bids. The new system introduced a different bidding process and brought new suppliers to the company, making processes more competitive and with better cost and quality conditions for the company.

“The view we have of this process is very positive. We realized that there were more opportunities for access in the market, besides the entrance of suppliers that did not participate before, evaluates the executive manager of Supplies of Goods and Services, Cláudio Araújo, remembering that all bidding began to be published in the Official Gazette of the Union.

With around 86% of the new contracts under the new rules, the manager also informs that the number of valid proposals doubled, increasing from four to eight in the first year. “This is an important gain that translates into greater competitiveness and better price opportunities.”

Petrobras was also able to reduce the process time by an average of 30%. And not only because of the new system. “It is a work we have done in recent years from the optimization and simplification of processes, as well as the adoption of technological solutions. But the law helps in some ways, for example in the restriction to a resource phase. Before they were two opportunities of appeal, “comments Claudio.

Another possibility introduced by the law that has been positive for both the company and the suppliers is the open dispute bidding in which companies bid as in a reverse auction. “The company has achieved a price reduction of around 20% during the bidding phase and suppliers have the opportunity during the bidding to see the market behavior,” says Claudio.

The executive manager also points out that Petrobras has been working since 2016 for the key turnaround of the law that happened last year. It was almost 120,000 hours of system development to prepare Petronect, more than 60 face-to-face training, more than 2,000 employees trained through distance education, participation in 55 events with suppliers that took information about the new model of more than 13 thousand people. “This set of actions has led us to be quite accurate and to capture all the new requirements and opportunities.”

Source: Agencia Petrobras

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