Block next to the deep water discovery of Sugar Loaf will cost more than R$ 1.3 billion in the 16th round

The exploratory block C-M-541, in deep waters of the Campos Basin, will have the highest minimum bonus of the 16th round of bids of ANP, which had its pre-edict and the agreement draft released. The area, which is adjacent to the BM-C-33 block, operated by Equinor and where Pão de Açúcar’s natural gas discovery is, will have a minimum bonus of R $ 1.37 billion.

Equinor operates the BM-C-33 area, where it has a 35% stake, since December 2016. The company has Repsol (35%) and Petrobras (30%) as partners in the project. Three discoveries were made in the block: Seat (2010), Gávea (2011) and a major gas and condensate discovery in the Pão de Açúcar prospect, announced in 2012, where an estimated 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent are estimated.

The ANP’s bet on the area is so great that the second block with the highest minimum bonus in the competition has a value set about four times lower than the C-M-541. Those who want to stake the block S-M-883, in the Santos Basin, will have to pay at least R $ 372 million.

If all 36 exploratory blocks of the Round are sold with the minimum bonus amount of areas ANP will raise R$3.21 in the auction

Round 16

Download the pre-announcement and draft contract: Portuguese only



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