ANP approves pre-edict of the 16th Round of Bids

22 March, 2019

The ANP board approved last Friday (22/3), the pre-edict of the 16th Round of Bids Exploratory Blocks, scheduled to be held on October 10. The round will offer 36 blocks in five sedimentary basins (Campos, Camamu-Almada, Jacuípe, Pernambuco-Paraíba and Santos), with a total area of ​​29.3 thousand square kilometers. One of the highlights of the round is block C-M-541, in the Campos Basin, with a minimum signing bonus of R $ 1,375,229,000.00.

The Public Consultation begins today (March 25) and ends on April 9. The Public Hearing is scheduled for April 10 and will be held at the ANP headquarters. On March 25th, the deadline for payment of the participation fee and for the inscription in the round begins, which ends on August 20.

This  Monday (March 25), the ANP will publish on its website the complete pre-edict, with the deadline schedule until the signing of the concession contracts, scheduled for February 2020.

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