QGEP drills third Atlanta well


Queiroz Galvão Exploration & Production (QGEP) is already drilling the third well of Atlanta’s anticipated production system in the Santos Basin. Performed by the Constellation’s Laguna Star drillship (QGOG), the campaign began at the end of February and will last for up to three months.

The projection is that the system-producing well, named 7-ATL-4HB-RJS, will be connected in May to the Petrojarl I FPSO, which operates in Atlanta interconnected to two wells. The new well will be decisive to guide QGEP as to the future of the definitive field production system.

With the completion of the drilling of the third well, the Laguna Star drillship will immediately begin an intervention campaign in the two wells in operation to exchange the internal BHGE pumps, which presented a problem soon after the system’s production began in May. The estimated time for each operation is 45 days.

During the intervention, the field will be produced by two wells. The SPA will start operating with the three wells from August, when production is expected to reach 27 thousand bopd.

QGEP estimates that, with two months of operating results from the three wells, it will be possible to confirm whether the definitive development of the field will be economically viable or not. Preliminary studies project the first oil of the definitive system for the period 2021/2022 with a new FPSO, which would be interconnected to 12 wells, nine of which were new and three remnants of the SPA.

In operation ten months ago, the Atlanta field has been producing an average of 13,000 bopd. FPSO Petrojarl I has the capacity to produce up to 35 thousand bopd.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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