Onshore Brazil production increases


Volume extracted on land reached 236 thousand bopd in January, according to ANP data

Oil and gas production in Brazil grew by 4% in January compared to the previous month, according to ANP data. The volume reached was 236 thousand boed, compared to 225 thousand boed in December, interrupting a downward movement in production started in October 2018.

The largest producers were Rio Urucu, with 54 thousand bopd, and East of Urucu with 50 thousand bopd, both in the Solimões Basin. Alone, the assets operated by Petrobras are responsible for 44% of the national onshore production.

Among the 20 land fields with the highest production are those of Gavião Caboclo, operated by Eneva, and Tiê (Maha), which extracted, respectively, 8 thousand bopd and 2 thousand bopd in the period.

The main oil well with the largest oil production is 1-BRSA-769-AM, in the Arara Azul field, in the Solimões Basin, where Petrobras extracted 1,457 thousand bbld in the first month of the year.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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