Ubarana to gain electro-optical cable


On 13 March, Petrobras receives offers to launch an electro-optical cable (EOC) between the Guamaré Pole and the Ubarana 3 platform (PUB-3), in the Ubarana field, in the Potiguar Basin. The bidding is underway in the company’s procurement portal and comprises the project to expand the water injection into the asset.

The activities include the launch of an electric power cable and data conduction of approximately 19 km between Praia do Minhoto and PUB-3. The cable should be inserted into a decommissioned pipeline with nominal 12 “diameter.

The winning company will have to conduct a pre-launch survey to locate and mitigate possible interferences in the launching route, as well as install a drilling rig (HDD) and promote the movement and repositioning in the terrestrial stretch, in Praia do Minhoto.

The Campo de Ubarana is located in the Potiguar Basin, 13 kilometers from the coast of the municipality of Guamaré. Operated by Petrobras, with 100% participation, it has been producing since 1976.

Oil production in January in the field was 1,837 thousand bopd and 3,637 million m³ / d of gas. The water production was approximately 451.6 m³ / d, while the volume of water injected for secondary recovery was 7.5 thousand m³ / d.

Ubarana is part of the Petrobras divestment program, along with the Agulha, Cioba, Oeste de Ubarana, Pescada and Arabaiana concessions.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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