Petrobras Anchored Drilling Rig tender gets extension

February 27, 2019

Petrobras postponed the tender submission deadline to charter up to three anchored drilling rigs to March 25, more than a month after the original deadline, which ended Feb. 20.

With the new schedule, the tender of the 750 m water depth rigs will be held on March 26, while the 450 m water tender will take place only in April – both conducted by Petronect.

The rigs will be chartered for a period of three years, with the possibility of renewal for another two years. Petrobras signals the preference for the equipment to start operating in March 2020, but the deadline stipulated in the notice is 270 days after the signing of the contracts.

This is the second time that Petrobras is going to the market to try to charter anchored drilling rigs to. In the first attempt, in early 2018, only Seadrill, Ocean Rig and Dolphin made bids, but all three were disqualified.

The market for anchored drilling rigs today has few available units ready for operation. Most rigs are cold stacked and therefore require high investments for reactivation.

The equipment chartered in this bid, which will be made in the reverse auction model, will include for abandonment and work-over.

Source: BE Petroleum

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