The Permanent Offer now counts with 630 areas

22 February 2019

The ANP Board approved on Friday (22/2) the draft bidding documents for the amended Permanent Offer to include 472 areas that obtained a positive manifestation from the competent environmental agencies (458 blocks with exploratory risk and 14 areas with accumulations). With the inclusions, the Permanent Offering now has 630 areas, of which 616 are blocks and 14 areas with marginal accumulations, capable of receiving expressions of interest.

In order to inform about the changes and to give more transparency to the process, the draft of the edict will happen through public hearing on the 29/3.

The Permanent Offer consists of the continuous supply of fields returned (or in the process of being returned) and of exploratory blocks offered in previous tenders and not contracted or returned to the agency. Unlike the traditional bidding rounds, holding a public session of the Permanent Offer will only take place after the declaration of interest of a company registered for one or more sectors, accompanied by a bid guarantee.

Source: ANP

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