Petrobras granted license from IBAMA for FPSO in Sergipe-Alagoas Basin

Petrobras has been granted a license by IBAMA for FPSO to test Farfan’s discovery in the exploratory blocks area BM-SEAL-11 in the deep waters of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin. The license is valid until July 31, 2019 and the company must inform the end of the installation activities of the unit within a maximum of 5 days.

Petrobras intended to start last September the production, based on a Long-Term Test of Farfan’s discovery. The LTT will be carried out by the BW FPSO City of São Vicente and will last six months.

The FPSO will be anchored at a depth of 2,250 m. The average oil production during the Tests will be 5,998 bpd, with a peak of 7,119 bpd and a gas production of 500 thousand m3 / d, due to flaring limitations. The oil will be drained by offloading and the natural gas, consumed in the platform itself.

For commercial production, Petrobras will install a 128-km-long gas pipeline from Farfan, Barra and Muriú reservoir production projects in the exploratory blocks area BM-SEAL-10 and BM-SEAL -11. The production of module 1 of the region will be made from an FPSO with first oil scheduled for October 2023.

Petrobras is selling stakes in the Sergipe deepwater project. The partial sale of the assets is part of the company’s divestment program, and will involve blocks BM-SEAL-4, BM-SEAL-4A, BM-SEAL-10 and BM-SEAL-11, where six final phase of delimitation.

The main purpose of the 3-SES-176D Test is to clarify the technical uncertainties regarding reservoir flow and dynamics and to test the production capacity and data acquisition of the bottom pressure behavior and the oil and gas flow rates.

The company will also:

  • Analyze the geological and flow modeling, in order to base the predictions of behavior in the production project;
  • Identify eventual faults, conductive fractures, horizontal and vertical permeabilities, drainage radius, size of the aquifer and barriers to flow;
  • Evaluate the oil flow through underwater lines, calibrating the correlations and resulting in more reliable production forecasts;
  • Acquire essential information to better define future oil and gas production projects in Sergipe

Source: epbr

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