ANP suspends Petrobras contracts in Pernambuco-Paraíba  Basin 

February 8, 2019

The board of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) has decided to suspend contracts for exploration blocks PEPB-M-783 and PEPB-M-839, operated by Petrobras in the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin, until IBAMA expresses its opinion on the feasibility of exploring oil and gas in the region. With this, it extended for 180 days the commitment of the second exploratory period of the areas from the issuance of the environmental license.

The two blocks are operated by Petrobras, which has Petrogal (Galp + Sinopec) as partner. The areas were acquired in the 9th round of the ANP, held in November 2007, just over 11 years ago. The consortium never got an environmental license to drill in the area.

In September 2018, Queiroz Galvão Exploration and Production (QGEP) returned to the ANP the concession of the exploration blocks PEPB-M-894 and PEPB-M-896, which were procured by the company in the 11th round of the agency in 2013. In the exploratory program , committed to the ANP, there was the forecast of 3D seismic for both blocks. The acquisition and processing of 3D seismic was expected for 2017.

In addition to the projects of Petrobras and Petrogal, Niko has the concession of two exploration areas in the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin. The PEPB-M-621 and PEPB-M-729 blocks were bought in partnership with Petra Energia in the 11th round of the ANP.

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