Transfer of Rights Contract and pre-salt auction are targets for first 100 days of the Government

January 24, 2019

Minister Onyx Lorenzoni presented 35 targets for the first months of the government

Onyx Lorenzoni, the Chief of Staff, presented the 35 priority targets of the first 100 days of government. In the area of ​​Mines and Energy, the approval by the National Energy Policy Council of the review of the Transfer of Rights contract and the technical and economic parameters of the pre-salt area tender, scheduled for the third quarter of 2019, are the priorities.

The exploratory phase of the Transfer of Rights ended in December 2014. Petrobras, which holds 100% of the projects, declared the commercialization of nine fields. The agreement gives Petrobras the right to produce up to 5 billion barrels in these areas.

The exploratory work carried out by Petrobras in the region indicated that there is much more oil in the region. The ANP estimates that it has up to 17.2 billion barrels in the area, in addition to the 5 billion contracted with the state. These are the billions of barrels that are now being negotiated in the review of the contract to be tendered in the so-called Excess Auction of the Transfer of Rights.

Source: epbr

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