Oil auctions scheduled for October and November


16th round of bids and 6th pre-salt auction are the first competitions that will be made in the Bolsonaro government

The ANP scheduled for October and November the 16th round and 6th pre-salt auction, respectively. The information is from the director general of the agency, Décio Oddone.

The 16th round will offer 42 offshore exploratory blocks in the Pernambuco-Paraíba basins (SPEPB-AP3 sector), Jacuípe (SJA-AUP sector), Camamu-Almada (SCAL-AUP sector), Campos (ultra-deep waters outside the pre- salt in the SC-AP4, SC-AUP3 and SC-AUP4 sectors) and Santos (sector SS-AUP5). It is a total area on offer of 29,911.62 km².

The 6th pre-salt auction will offer the areas of Aram, Cruzeiro do Sul (former Southeastern Lula, Sul and Sudoeste of Jupiter), Boomerangue and the Sudoeste Sagittarius and Brava Norte blocks, recently included by the ANP competition. Petrobras has preemptive rights over all areas offered under the production sharing regime.

Oddone also informed that Petrobras asked the ANP for a longer term to divest onshore and in shallow waters. The agency has given until June this year for the company to sell or return areas that do not want to reapply resources. Petrobras has already informed the agency how many of the 254 onshore and shallow water fields in Round Zero intend to continue operating. The director-general of the agency maintains secrecy about the number of areas, which encompass the fields that are in the Topaz and Artico projects.

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