Ibama has new directors defined

January 11, 2019

– Ibama’s Environmental Protection Directorate (Dipro) will be headed by Olivaldi Alves Borges Azevedo). It is the board responsible for inspection and environmental emergencies, for the authorization for maritime transport of dangerous products (TPP) and that analyzes the requirements of transfer of oil cargo and offshore products, ship-to-ship operations. Olivaldi replaces Luciano de Menezes Evaristo.

– Jonatas Souza da Trindade was appointed to the Licensing Board (Dlic), in place of Larissa Carolina dos Santos. Jonatas, who was already a technical adviser to the board, talked to epbr in 2017, when there was a change in the licensing of offshore seismic projects. At the time, he considered that it was necessary to strengthen the structure of the organ to reduce the periods of the licensing.

– For the Directorate of Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Forests (DBFlo), a vacant post was appointed João Pessoa Riograndense Júnior, current general coordinator of Biodiversity Management, Forests and Environmental Recovery.

Source: epbr

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