Jan. 4, 2019

The year begins with important discoveries in the pre-salt. Petrobras and Equinor have informed the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) that they have found signs of hydrocarbons in Peroba and Carcará. The first field is operated by the Brazilian company, while the second belongs to the foreign oil company.

In the case of the discovery in Peroba, it was made in a water depth of 2,235 meters, in well 1-BRSA-1363-RJS. In addition to Petrobras, with a 40% stake, BP (40%) and CNODC (20%) participate in the consortium that operates the area. Peroba was acquired in the third round of ANP bids in 2017. The results of its drilling were very fast, since the activity began just over two months in October 2018.

The discovery in Carcará was done in a water depth of 2,025 meters in well 3-EQNR-1-SPS. The drilling began in September last year, with the West Saturn drillship. The well is located in the area of ​​Norte de Carcará, which is completed by a consortium led by Equinor (40%), together with Exxon (40%) and Petrogal (20%).

The interests of the Norwegians in Brazil are not new. In 2018, during the ONS 2018 fair, Equinor announced that it intends to invest more than US $ 15 billion in the country by the year 2030, with a forecast of increasing its national production to the 500 thousand barrels day. According to the company, Brazil was chosen as one of the three core business areas in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

Source: PetroNoticias

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