ANP analyzes 230 waiver applications


The ANP’s Local Content Superintendence (SCL) is analyzing 230 waiver applications. Of this total, approximately 50% (111) are requests for exemption from local content in the charter of rigs.

Among other items / sub-items highlighted are logistical support, with 58 orders, well casing (19), drills (15), stationary production units (6), drilling, well completion and evaluation (5) and seismic acquisition (5 ).

Petrobras is the operator with the highest number of waiver requests, with 139 in total. This is followed by OGPar (25), Repsol (10), Petra Energia (10), Gran Tierra (9), Perenco (8), Sonangol (7), BP Energy (6), ONGC (5), Karoon ), Shell (3) and PGN (3).

Approximately 45% of the requests (103) refer to blocks contracted with Petrobras through the onerous assignment in 2010. The rest is concentrated to a large extent in contracts of the ninth and seventh ANP rounds, with 98 and 69 requests, respectively.

The Búzios field presents the highest number of waiver requests under analysis, with 35 in total. Among the top five, there are the fields of Baúna (16), Florim (11), Atapu (11) and Iara Environment (8).


So far, analyzes of 95 requests have been completed, with almost half of them being denied or rejected. In this group are 38 requests related to the charter of rigs, three logistical support, one of Christmas tree and one of drills.

The analyzes that resulted in concession or deferral are restricted to contracting seismic acquisition (17) and well casing (1) – in all cases involving blocks granted in the ninth round of the ANP.

The information was obtained by BE Petróleo by the Citizen Information System of the federal government.

Source: Brazil Energy Magazine

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