19 Dec, 2018

The P-76 platform is already sailing towards the area of ​​the pre-salt Buzios 3, onerous assignment, where it will be ready in a few days to produce gas and oil . The platform has the production capacity of 150,000 barrels of oil per day and 7 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. Its construction is a milestone for Techint, which has proven the ability of the Brazilian naval industry to produce FPSOs in the country with competence, agility and within the established deadline.

The P-76 is one of the units that will help Petrobras achieve its goal of increasing oil and gas production and is being delivered on time. The project is emblematic because of its high level of local content – 70% – and represents a symbol of the capacity of the Brazilian naval industry.

The P-76 fulfilled the role of showing that the domestic market is able to meet future demand for new platforms. The P-76 is a successful project that has generated over 5,000 jobs in the region. It proved that it is possible to make local content competitive in Brazil. The work employed 9,500 people.

P-76 will be used at Búzios 3, in the pre-salt, with a production capacity of 150 thousand barrels of oil / day and 7 million cubic meters of natural gas / day.

Techint has a positive expectation for new assembly business in the shipbuilding industry in other FPSOs that are under construction and even bidding. The structure that the company set up in Pontal do Paraná demonstrates this confidence, although the demobilization process has been happening as the goals have been fulfilled. The company also carried out several activities in the region in search of replacement of dismissed employees, until new orders reactivate the yard.

The company was asked to provide two modules for Sepia, which does not scale to use the available capacity within the site. For other projects, Techint has always considered that the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) has made a reliable technical study, coordinated by its professionals with a new index of local content based on data of 40%. The company believes it is a reasonable number, given the circumstances because it offers the possibility of maintaining a scale that enables the local industry, while balancing the competitiveness, bringing components from abroad.

Source: Petronoticias

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