BP licenses up to three wells in the Santos Basin pre-salt


December 19, 2018

BP began the environmental licensing at IBAMA of up to three exploration wells in the Pau Brasil area, where the company was declared winner at the 5th pre-salt auction held in September. The company is forecasting for the project a firm well and others depending on the outcome of the first one.

BP’s goal is to start drilling the first well in August 2020. The timing of the other wells will be defined from the first well. The exact location of the three wells will be defined after evaluation of 3D seismic data in the area. A formation test can be performed in one of the wells if any evidence of oil and / or natural gas is found.

The logistical bases for activity support have not yet been defined, with a port facility between the existing ones in the municipality of Niterói, about 315 km away from the block, being more likely for the maritime base, for storage and water supply, diesel, drilling fluids and supplies, equipment and supplies to the activity, as well as the cleaning of pipes and the temporary storage of the waste to be generated.



On Monday, BP signed contracts with Petrobras, Shell and ExxonMobil to share the production of the areas sold in the 4th and 5th rounds of the pre-salt. The company follows in the footsteps of others and is anticipating the environmental licensing of the offshore areas auctioned in 2017 and 2018.

Last Monday, on the same day that it signed the production-sharing agreement, Shell began the environmental licensing of the Saturn block with Ibama, an area acquired at the pre-salt auction. The company intends to drill up to five wells, the first in January 2020. The others, contingent on the first, can be drilled during 2020 and 2021.

Source: epbr


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