Temer signs Decree that implements proposals for Gas to Grow

12/17/2018 | 18h48


President Michel Temer signed a decree that implements some of the proposals for the Gás para Crescer initiative, which do not depend on a modification of the Law. The new legal instrument reviews Decree No. 7,382, of December 2, 2010, which regulates the Gas Law (Law No. 11,909 of March 4, 2009).

The Decree aims to guide the design of the new natural gas market and improve the legal framework of the gas transportation sector for the entry of new agents. The Decree allows the establishment of a Natural Gas Transportation System, in order to enable its operation in a coordinated way, and creates a new gas transportation contracting system, which should increase competition between agents.

The Decree allows the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) to give guidelines for the agents themselves to establish common codes of access to infrastructure, based on good international practices, aiming for greater efficiency. It also leaves to the ANP the establishment of autonomy and independence criteria between the transportation activity and other activities of the sector, assuring the carriers the rights resulting from the contracts in force.

And it further gives more dynamics to the process of expansion of the pipeline network.

 Source: Redação/Assessoria MME

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