‘Pioneer of Libra’ FPSO completes one year of operation with more than 9 million barrels produced

The FPSO “Pioneer of Libra” completes one year of operation in the field of Mero and the completion of the first Long-Term Test, a process to evaluate the behavior of the oil reservoir, at the Libra field. Safety and environment indicators reinforce the success of the vessel, which surpassed the mark of nine million barrels of oil produced since the first oil in November last year.

During this period, the platform ship produced more than 58 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). The vessel, which is able to perform on water depths of up to 2,400 meters, has the capacity to produce 50,000 barrels of oil per day and compress and reinject 4 million cubic meters of gas per day.

“Achieving 58,000 boed output with 1 well in ultra deep waters is a milestone in the offshore industry, we are very proud of this success achieved in the first year of operation,” said Clarice Romariz, director of the TK-Ocyan Joint Venture.

Another favorable indicator is the one-year mark with no recordable accidents on board, which reinforces the quality of planning from the beginning of the project. “This is the result of continuous work, of team engagement from the beginning of the project and operation. Our Recordable Incidence Rate (TFIR) is equal to zero in this period, which demonstrates the seriousness of the work and commitment of the entire TK-Ocyan team, “says the executive.

Clarice reports that safety, the key value of TK-Ocyan, has been crucial to the project since the start of construction of the FPSO in late 2014 at Jurong Shipyard in Singapore. Over more than two years, approximately four thousand people were involved in the project, including activities at the shipyard, with more than 19 million man-hours worked, with no record of any work-related accidents.

Regarding the environment, the vessel achieved several positive results, with a gas burning rate below 3% and no oil or chemical leakage to the sea. Currently, a scheduled production stop is underway for the exchange / interconnection of an injector well to start the new unit testing campaign.

TK-Ocyan Partnership

As a result of an investment of US $ 1 billion, the FPSO is owned by the 50/50 joint venture formed by Ocyan and Teekay Offshore and has a 12-year contract with the consortium formed by Petrobras ( Operator with 40%), Total (20%), Shell (20%), CNPC (10%) and CNOOC Limited (10%). The partnership with Teekay was initiated with the construction of the FPSO Cidade de Itajaí, which has a production capacity of 80,000 barrels of oil per day.


Source: Portos e Navios

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