Lava Jato opens phase 57 and targets Petrobras trading area

The investigation pointed to corruption schemes in the area of ​​oil and derivatives trading and corruption in the area of ​​chartering vessels


The Federal Police (FP) launched Operation No Limits, 57th stage of Lava Jato. The new stage investigates businesses in the Petrobras trading area. A total of 190 police officers in the States of Paraná and Rio de Janeiro have 37 judicial orders (warrants for search and seizure, pretrial detention and subpoenas for taking testimony).

At this stage, Lava Jato has identified a “structured and active” scheme in the trading area of ​​Petrobras, where the oil and oil products are bought and sold to or from Petrobras by foreign companies.

The investigators point to irregularities in the performance of leases of storage tanks from or to Petrobras by the same companies investigated.

According to FP, all operations took place in order to allow the payment of undue advantages to executives and gains above those practiced in the market by these companies.

The investigation by the Federal Police indicated the practice of crimes in two types of Petrobras business that had similar characteristics: corruption schemes in the oil and derivatives trading area and corruption schemes in the area of ​​ship chartering .

“From an investigative effort it was possible to identify the existence of a criminal scheme operating until the middle of 2014, and it is not possible to discard the continuity of the scheme up to the present day, in the Petrobras trading area with several international branches (which reinforces the need of the deferred judicial measures), “the Federal Prosecutor said in a statement.

Petrobras’ oil and oil trading operations were the responsibility of the Supply Directorate, specifically the Executive Management of Marketing and Commercialization.

Such operations did not require the prior authorization of the board of directors, a circumstance that greatly facilitated the spraying of illicit schemes in the hands of several smaller employees linked to the Supply Directorate and exercising their functions both in Brazil and in the offices abroad.

“These same transactions intensively drive huge amounts of resources as a result of daily spot transactions and also of long term contracts, circumstances which, with very little variation in operations, provide large amounts of money at the end of a given time period. The operations were carried out predominantly with foreign companies, “reports PF.

“Petrobras itself maintains offices and employees abroad to operate in the trading area, a circumstance that facilitates the receipt and distribution of bribes in foreign accounts by the public and private agents involved. resulting from procedures for the appointment and maintenance of employees in positions. ”

The investigation was called “No Limits” in reference to the transnationality of crimes committed (occurring in various places in Brazil and abroad), the absence of legal limits for commercial operations carried out and the rampant and permanent search for the gains of all involved, always resulting in the depredation of the public patrimony.

The operation is aimed at “stopping the criminal activity, deepening the tracing of resources of criminal origin (tip) and the conclusion of the police investigation in all its circumstances.”

The respondents will be responsible for, among others, the crimes of corruption, criminal organization, financial crime and money laundering.

Source: Estadão Content

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