Company evaluates the contracting of cargo and transportation services to the Campos and Santos basins

Petrobras has opened a consultation (RFI) to evaluate the contracting of logistics services for cargo supply and transportation of people to attend the exploratory activities of blocks in the sharing regime in the Campos and Santos basins.

The scope encompasses inventory management processes, port operations, general cargo transportation (land and sea modal), including waste, integrated operations planning, supply of diesel oil, cement, fluids and solid bulk and acquisition and supply of drinking water .

Port operations shall be carried out in a bonded port terminal – including an area for equipment under Repetro – public or private, located on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The operator will be responsible for the transportation of cargo between Macaé and Rio de Janeiro.

In relation to air support, the contracted company will be responsible for moving passengers and small cargo on extra flights (flights, environmental contingency flights, among others) and aeromedical rescue, in addition to providing resources and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment necessary for the provision of services.

The planned airport operations include the provision of infrastructure for offshore passenger processing, helicopter landing and take-off, air navigation and associated services, in accordance with Anac’s resolutions.

Source: Brazil Energy

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