Schlumberger tests new technology for wells



Software performs well data collection and analysis in real time through a wearable technology

Schlumberger has introduced a new technology for well testing. Concert software collects and analyzes surface and well data in real time. During the well test, the data is digitally integrated through a wearable technology, with wireless sensors and video cameras. With this data, the software generates digital dashboards, accessible anywhere and by any team.

Schlumberger’s goal is to facilitate analysis and understanding of testing operations, reducing the staff required for these processes. Some tests using the Concert have already been made in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

++ Cristina Pinho: Delivering to transform

Digital tools such as big data, machine learning, analytics, internet of things, blockchain, among others, are being used increasingly by the oil and gas industry. Oil companies and service providers are increasingly betting on these tools to face the new industry momentum and the increasing competition with renewable sources.

Source: Revista dos Tribunais

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