Petrobras to focus on accelerating pre-salt, says Castello Branco

by epbr November 20, 2018

Economist Roberto Castello Branco, appointed by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, to Petrobras next year, said that the focus of the company should be the acceleration of pre-salt exploration.

According to him, plans for the company’s future will be detailed soon, including privatizations. Yesterday (19), Bolsonaro said that Petrobras is a strategic company that must continue to exist, but that can be privatized in part.

In August, Petrobras began the environmental licensing of the Alto Cabo Frio Central exploration block in the Campos Basin, which was acquired in partnership with BP at the 3rd pre-salt auction held by ANP in October last year. The consortium is licensing six wells, one firm and five conditioned to the first.

The project’s Minimum Exploration Program provides for the drilling of an exploratory well by the end of the first half of 2019. The consortium is also proposing a training test contingent on the outcome of the well.

The first well of the project will be drilled in a water depth of 2,595 m at a distance of 166 km from the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The port of Rio and the airport of Cabo Frio will be used as logistical support base for the project.

Petrobras is not the first operator to rush to license drilling projects for auctioned areas at last year’s auction. Shell is licensing at Ibama the drilling of five wells in the pre-salt, two in the southern block of Gato do Mato, in the Santos Basin, and three in the Alto block of Cabo Frio Oeste, Santos Basin. Shell signed last week the production sharing contracts of the areas and began the licensing processes the next day. The company intends to start the drilling campaigns in January 2019.

This month, ExxonMobil started two environmental licensing fronts for the areas it purchased in the rounds on September 2017. There are up to 22 exploratory wells to be drilled, one on the CM-789 block and the other on the Titã block.

It is planned to drill up to 17 exploratory wells in blocks CM-753, C-M-789, S-M-536, S-M-647 and Titã, in the Campos and Santos basins. In the area of ​​blocks C-M-037 and C-M-067, both in the Campos Basin, it is planned to drill up to five exploratory wells.

The company intends to use as a base of maritime support the areas of Nitshore, in Niterói, or the Port of Açu, in São João da Barra. For air support, the idea is to use the airport of Jacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro.

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