The Bolsonaro goverment may offer 47 exploratory blocks in 2019

There are 42 exploratory blocks in the 16th round and another five in the 6th pre-salt auction

November 16th, 2018

The Jair Bolsonaro government can bring to market the offer of 47 offshore exploration blocks in its first year. There are 42 blocks indicated by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) for the 16th round of concession areas and five blocks for the 6th pre-salt auction, both scheduled for 2019.

In the 16th round ANP will continue the offer of areas under the ultra-deepwater concession regime in the Campos and Santos basins, where it obtained record bonuses in the last two auctions. There will be 30 blocks offered in the two basins, being 17 in the Campos Basin and 13 in the Santos Basin.

The areas of the 16th round still need to be ratified by the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE). The Council has a next meeting scheduled for early December.

It is in this region also where the ANP will offer five new exploration areas in the 6th pre-salt auction. The competition must offer the areas of Aram, Boomerangue, Cruzeiro do Sul, Norte de Brava and Sudoeste de Sagitário. The last two areas are unitizable and have recently entered the auction by decision of the ANP board.

Still on 16th round

The ANP also intends to offer off-axis areas in the Campos and Santos Basins in the auction of concessions next year. The planning of the agency intends to make available five exploratory blocks in the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin, a new frontier basin where, until now, there is no proven discovery.

It is also planned to offer seven exploration areas in the Camamu-Almada and Jacuípe Basins, off the coast of Bahia. There are four exploratory blocks in Camamu-Almada and three in Jacuípe. The first basin has natural gas discovery in production at the Manati field, operated by Petrobras.

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