Peroba’s first well drilling continues until February


The drilling of the first well in Peroba, in the pre-salt, is expected to continue until February next year. Scheduled to reach the final depth of 6.1 thousand m, well 1-RJS-752 is being drilled by the Ocyan ODN-II drill ship, in the northern part of the block, in a water depth of 2.2 thousand m.

Petrobras started the activity on 24th of October. A longer campaign was estimated due to difficulties in the construction of the well and the characteristics related to the geological stability of the reservoir.

The Peroba area in the Santos Basin was acquired by Petrobras (40%), in partnership with BP Energy do Brasil (40%) and CNODC Brasil Petróleo (20%) in the third round of sharing. The consortium is the first to drill in a block dealt from  that round. The campaign started nine months after signing the contract with the ANP.

So far the consortium will not drill another well. The plan is to analyze the outcome of the first well and recalibrate the seismic data of the area.

The Peroba area is located 300 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, south of the Lula field and east of the Sapinhoá field. The block has a total area of ​​1,073.41 km².

Petrobras acquired a total of 21 blocks in the period of 2017 and 2018, of which seven are governed by the sharing model.

Source: Brazil Energy

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