15 promises of Jair Bolsonaro for the area of energy


1 – “The Small Hydroelectric Plants have qualified in Brazil. Faced with near-insurmountable barriers to environmental licensing. There are cases that exceed ten years. We will ensure that the licensing is evaluated within a maximum period of three months.

2 – We will transform the electric sector, from the current framework of generalized judicialization and low investor confidence, into one of the main vectors of growth and development in Brazil. Energy supply must be reliable, at fair and international competitive prices, as well as generating opportunities for small entrepreneurs and creating hundreds of thousands of qualified jobs in Brazil.

3 – Although we believe that the new model will be beneficial to Brazil as a whole, we believe that the Northeast will be one of the regions most benefited. With Sun, wind and manpower, the Northeast can become the basis of a new clean, renewable and democratic energy matrix. Expanding not only the production of energy, but also the entire productive chain related to it: production, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic panels; partnership with local universities for the development of new technologies; emergence or installation of other industries that are intensive in the use of electric energy, etc.

4 – The bureaucratic demand for local content reduces productivity and efficiency, as well as generating corruption. Besides that. there was no positive impact on domestic industry in the long run. This will require the gradual removal of local content requirements.

5 – Prices charged by Petrobras should follow the international markets, but short-term fluctuations should be smoothed with appropriate hedging mechanisms.

6- Petrobras must sell a substantial portion of its refining, retail, transportation and other activities where it has market power.

7 – Natural gas will play a fundamental role in the national electric and energy matrix, providing the quality and energy security for the expansion of combined form with photovoltaic and wind energy.

8 – In the formulation of energy prices, including fuels, there is a strong influence of state taxes, which will need to be re-discussed among all federative entities, in order not to overload the Brazilian consumer.

9 – Competition must also be promoted in the gas sector, seeking a coordinated action among states, which is responsible for its regulation by constitutional determination.

10 – Gas has gained prominence in the Brazilian energy matrix, contributing to the transition to reduce CO2 emissions and help integrate other intermittent renewable sources.

11 – To increase the importance of Natural Gas in the sector, it is important to end Petrobras’ monopoly over the entire fuel production chain by:

Desverticalization and privatization of the natural gas sector.

Free access and sharing of transport pipelines.

Independence of natural gas distributors and carriers, and should not be tied to the interests of a single company.

Creation of a wholesale market for natural gas.

12 – Incentive to the exploitation nonconventional energy, being able to be practiced by small producers.

13 – Keep Petrobras state and privatize “parts of the company”.

14 – Keep the Eletrobras state

15 – Reduction of the tax burden for fuels in Brazil”

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