Petrobras seeks skids for platforms in the Campos Basin



Petrobras begins receiving proposals for the supply of chemical injection skids for 11 offshore platforms in the Campos Basin.The tender is divided into three lots. The first (Acid Route) includes the acquisition of complete tank skids and four pumps for the P-18, P-19, P-26, P-32, P-37, P-48 and PPM-1 platforms, as well as a skids with four injection pumps for the P-47.
The second batch (Tanino) includes a complete skid with 12 pumps for P-26, P-37, P-35, P-43, P-48 and PPM-1, skids with tank and eight pumps for P-18 , P-19 and P-32; a skid with eight injection pumps for the P-47 and one with four injection pumps for the P-65.
The third comprises of skids with four or eight injection pumps, with or without tanks, for all the same platforms as the previous batches.

Source: Brazil Energy

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