Permanent Offer: ANP approves registration of three more companies

Brazil has 844 exploration blocks available. Of this total, 158 may be put into operation.

The ANP published in the Official Gazette the names of three other companies approved by the Special Bidding Commission (CEL) for the Permanent Offer: DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, Petrol Serviços de Sondagem Ltda. and Ubuntu Engenharia e Serviços Ltda. In total, ten companies are already registered.

In accordance with the rules of the Permanent Offer notice, once the application for registration by CEL has been approved, bidders may submit at any time the declaration of the sectors of interest, accompanied by a bid guarantee, beginning a cycle of the Permanent Offer.

To date, 22 companies have sought the ANP seeking information on the Permanent Offer, which consists of the continuous supply of fields returned (or in the process of being returned) and exploratory blocks offered in previous tenders and not collected or returned to the agency.

884 blocks were selected for the first stage in 14 sedimentary basins and 14 areas with marginal accumulations, being about 80% in terrestrial basins and 20% in marine basins. Of the 884 blocks, 158 are already available, with the publication of the notice, for declaration of interest by the companies enrolled in the Permanent Offer. These 158 blocks comply with CNPE Resolution 17/2017, which determines that the areas offered in the bidding rounds promoted by the ANP should be previously analyzed for environmental feasibility by the state environmental agencies and by the Interinstitutional Working Group on Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas (GTPEG) and has already been the subject of authorizations by CNPE in previous tenders.

The blocks and areas foreseen for the first stage of the Permanent Offer will be included in the notice as the other environmental opinions are issued and after a specific public hearing on the inclusion of the areas.

List of approved companies:

  1. Cranes Brazil Óleo e Gás Ltda.
  2. Petroborn Oil and Gas S.A.
  3. Phoenix Empreendimentos Ltda.
  4. Repsol Exploração Brasil Ltda.
  5. Capricorn Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda.
  6. Dimensional Engenharia Ltda.
  7. Energizzi Energias do Brasil Ltda.
  8. DEA Deutsche Erdol AG
  9. Petrol Serviços de Sondagem Ltda. – EPP
  10. Ubuntu Engenhria e Serviços Ltda. Me

Source: ANP

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