Repetro makes imports of capital goods grow 970% in the State of Rio de Janeiro

October 11, 2018

Fueled by the oil and gas industry, the state of Rio de Janeiro increased its exports by 24% (US $ 19.1 billion) and its imports by 125% (US $ 16.7 billion) from January to August this year to the same period last year. The main impact was the acquisition of capital goods (970%), especially of vessels and floating structures during the months of July and August. The information was disclosed in the August Rio Bulletin, prepared by Firjan.

“This movement is probably due to the changes in the regime of Repetro, which extended the benefits for the definitive importation of these goods and new vessels,” said Claudia Teixeira, Foreign Trade Specialist at Firjan International.

Even with the explosion of imports, the state recorded a positive trade balance in the period of US $ 2.4 billion. The surplus of the period was not only greater because of the deficit trade balance in August, with an amount equivalent to US $ 1.6 billion, according to the bulletin

In addition to the basic oil and gas industry revenue, there was a 23% increase in exports of industrialized goods, especially ship outputs and floating structures, and turbines.

With the state’s 13% growth in foreign trade, Rio de Janeiro ranks second in the largest international flow in the country, losing only to São Paulo.

The other segments that stood out were: chemicals (US $ 1.2 billion) and metallurgy (US $ 972 million). “This could mean a sign of a resumption of the economy,” she said.


Source: Brasil Energia

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