ANP to notify Petrobras to return 100 oil blocks


The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) will notify Petrobras this week to return or auction off oil fields onshore and offshore because it is not investing enough in the development of these fields. According to a source in the sector, there are more than 100 blocks, a list that includes fields onshore and shallow water in the Campos Basin, the second largest producing region of the country.

ANP director, Aurélio Amaral, said Petrobras will be notified this week. From there, the state company, he explained, will have 90 days to decide the future of these areas. According to him, the company will have to return these areas to the ANP or ask the regulator to schedule an auction on behalf of the state company so that these fields are sold to the market.

“The idea is to be as quick as possible. We know that Petrobras is concentrating on the pre-salt today and, therefore, places some fields are not receiving the necessary investments. The legislation says that a company has to apply the best possible practices to produce oil. Therefore, we want the state company to be able to transfer these fields. The goal is to stimulate investment among small and medium-sized companies in the sector and stimulate the industry – said Amaral.

According to a source, the number of areas will depend on Petrobras plans, as the state company may still present a new development plan for its areas. Amaral, who did not detail the number of fields that can be returned, recalled that today 641 wells produce 1,700 barrels per day of oil, while another 86 wells, most of the pre-salt, extract 17,000 barrels per day.

– Most of these fields are onshore and in shallow waters in the Campos Basin. The ANP is playing its role as regulator, “the director said.

Source:  Globo

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