Flotel Safe Concordia in Brazil


Prosafe’s Safe Concordia arrived in Brazil to start a 200-day campaign for Modec. The unit will support two FPSOs in operation in the Campos and Santos Basins under contract with Petrobras.

The unit will be anchored off the Guanabara Bay, where it will be submitted to the release procedures by the Brazilian authorities.

The contract has the possibility of extension of 15 days. The forecast is for the unit to start operating in October, instead of the original September forecast. The start of the campaign will be made in the Campos Basin.

Modec and Prosafe do not provide the names of the FPSOs that will be served by the vessel. The start of the work will mark Modec’s first contracting in the country.

Flotel Safe Concordia sailed in from Curacao, where it was stacked for about a year. The unit has previously operated in Brazil under a contract with Petrobras. The unit can accommodate 461 people.

Source: Brazil Energy


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