ANP approves 17 additional local content additives


The ANP approved 17 new additive terms to the concession contracts for reduction of local content. The approvals were published in the Federal Official Gazette. There were six contractual additions to Maha; six for the Geopark (and one for Geopark with GeoparGeosol); three for Imetame and G3OG and one for Great Oil with Alvopetro. As a result, the ANP has already approved 44 cases.

Maha has signed a contractual addendum for REC-T-117, REC-T-118, REC-T-129, REC-T-142, REC-T-155, REC-T-224 blocks in the Recôncavo Basin where it has a 100% concession. The assets were purchased from Gran Tierra.

Geopark had contractual additives approved for blocks REC-T-93, REC-T-94, REC-T-128 (in the latter along with GeoparGeosol) in the Recôncavo Basin; POT-T-619, POT-T-747, POT-T-882, in the Potiguar Basin and SEAL-T-268, in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin.

The Imetame and G3OG areas are the SEAL-T-50, SEAL-T-51, SEAL-T-56 blocks in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin.

Great Oil (95%) had REC-T-107, in the Recôncavo Basin, added. In March of this year, the block had the first PAD approved by the ANP.

For onshore projects, the new local content index is 50% for exploration and development. For offshore projects, local content indices are 18% for the exploration phase. For production development, the percentages are 25% for well construction; 40% for collection and disposal and three for UEPs: 40% in engineering, 40% in machinery and equipment and 40% in construction, integration and assembly.

Source: Brazil Energy

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