Petrobras to contract onshore drilling rigs


Company receives proposals to support activities in Northeastern states and Espírito Santo


Petrobras is receiving offers to contract services for drilling rig operations and maintenance interventions for well drilling and safety equipment in the Northeast and Southeast regions.

The tender is divided into three lots. The first of these comprises the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas and Espírito Santo, and the second, Rio Grande do Norte. The third is a “virtual” lot, allowing bidders to submit a single proposal to provide services in all areas, with possible gain in scale.

“Therefore, Petrobras will analyze the composition that has the greatest advantage: the sum of the Price Schedules of lots A and B or the total value of the Price Schedules of Lot C,” explains the oil company of the bidding process.

The activities will be carried out by four rigs managed by the Petrobras Landfill Construction Unit: SCT-86 (Upetrom, model T-50), SC-95 (Upetrom, model F-100), SC-106 (Equipetrol) SC-109 (Villares) and SC-117 (Prominas).

The duration of the contract will be two years, and the peak of use of the rigs will be in 2020, considering the allocation of equipment estimated by Petrobras.

The deadline for submission of proposals is scheduled to end on October 2.

Source: Brazil Energy

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