BNDES wants to encourage innovation in the oil supply chain


The National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) signaled to the oil and gas market that it will have mechanisms to encourage projects with relevant components of innovation and sustainability in the sector. According to the head of the bank’s industry and services department, Ana Cristina Rodrigues da Costa, the bank is studying new policies for various sectors, to be announced after the elections.

According to her, a study carried out by the BNDES and to be published in the next few days showed that the oil and gas chain is among the ones that generate greater “overflow”, that is, positive impacts of new technological applications for other segments, alongside the defense industries and medical equipment. “In the supply chain, precisely in innovation and sustainability projects,  we have a vision to work for the overflow of this innovative capacity,” she said.

In the accounts presented by the head of the BNDES department, the sector should receive about R $ 290 billion between 2018 and 2021, 55% of the R $ 518 billion estimated for the industry as a whole in the period. The market for the supply chain depends less on public procurement than the other two sectors with similar overflow. Therefore, it tends to receive more resources, since its sales to the private sector are not impacted by the fiscal situation of the governments.

“In defense and medical equipment, the ‘driver’ is public procurement. So they are not yet in the best of times, “she said.

The focus on R & D was also underscored by the oil and gas secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, José Vicente Carvalho. According to him, the industry needs to be attentive to industry trends.

Carvalho and the oil, gas and naval manager of the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), Karine Fragoso, agreed that the industry is not quick to access new technologies.

“Local content policies need to get a glimpse of what’s coming around (in terms of technologies and new energy) so as not to run the risk of disrupting the development of new technologies,” said the secretary.

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