Local content for Búzios V may be only 25%


Petrobras has defined two local content scenarios for Búzios V FPSO, which will be installed in the onerous assignment area, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. Front runner, Exmar, will have to reach an aggregate 25% in the construction of the unit or comply with the requirements according to items and sub-items specified by Petrobras in the contractual draft.

In most of the items no level of nationalization is required (0%). This is the case for the hull, basic engineering and detailing, management and construction and assembly and naval systems of the FPSO.

The items with local content requirements are the installation and integration of modules (18%) and plants, which is divided into construction and assembly (16%), basic engineering and detailing (15%), service management ( 27%) and materials (11%).

In the sub-items of plants, local content is provided for pressure vessels (21%), field instrumentation (21%), filters (34%), valves up to 24 “(4%), pumps (22%), screw compressors (36%), automation system (9%) and heat exchangers (10%).

With 0% of requirement are the sub-items tanks, burners,  measurement system, telecommunications systems and electrical system.

The other items with nationalization required are pre-installation and hook-up of the anchor lines (65%) and multiple anchoring system (65%).

Operation with local content of 65%

The FPSO’s 21-year operating contract (7,665 days), which can be extended for the same period, has a minimum expected local content of 65%.

Búzios V will be installed in the northern part of the field and will have the capacity to produce 180,000 barrels / day of oil and process 12 million m3 / day of gas.

Source: Brazil Energy

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