Campos Basin has nine more blocks in the permanent offer list

Campos Basin has nine more blocks in the permanent offer listThe ANP recently updated the permanent supply of exploration areas, with the inclusion of nine blocks in the Campos Basin, on the banks of the pre-salt polygon, as well as a land block in the Recôncavo Basin . With the upgrade, the permanent offer reaches 158 exploration areas in eight basins.

In Campos, C-M-147, C-M-201, C-M-299, C-M-334, C-M-464, C-M-496 and C-M-58 blocks were all included in shallow water; and block C-M-99, in the deepwater sector SC-AP2. Most of the blocks lie north of the Campos Basin, on the border between Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo.

As a result, the Campos Basin has 29 blocks in the permanent supply, 28 of them in shallow water – the exception is precisely the C-M-99.

So far, the Special Bidding Committee (CEL) of the permanent tender approved, at the first meeting, the registration of the companies Gindastes Brasil Oil and Gas, Petroborn Oil and Gas, Phoenix Empreendimentos, with profile for operation on land, and Repsol, which may qualify to contract offshore blocks.

In addition to the already confirmed blocks, there are studies to include others, such as Amazonas and São Francisco, on land, and Pará-Maranhão, offshore, on the Equatorial Margin.

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